Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ratings System

I have decided it is time to institute a ratings system. I have been reviewing so many books, and I have so many on my list to review, that I really think it is time. I am going to utilize letter grades (since I am a soon-to-be teacher). I will also use "plus" and "minus" in the ratings, especially if I am wavering.

So, here is my ratings system:

It was awesome/unbelievable/fantastic/amazing (pick your adjective)! Basically, I loved it. Buy it, put it on your shelf and read it again and again!

I liked it! I'll probably buy it if I find it on sale. It was a good book. I might read it again.

It was ok. I won't buy it and I won't read it again. It was good enough to read once.

I didn't like it. I read the whole book, but it felt like work and I got no enjoyment from it. I will be deleting/donating my copy of the book.

 I hated it. Or I didn't finish it. I will never allow the book to darken my doorstep again.

Ok, there it is. I will start using this on my next book review. I will also put a tab on the blog with the rating system available for all to peruse.  Hopefully, this won't make me seem like a big meanie, but it was time to add it.  


  1. Cute font in the blocks!

    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

  2. I really like the font you used for the letters!

  3. I really like the font you used for the letters!'' cute right


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