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Lord of the Abyss Royal House of Shadows Book 4 by Nalini Singh

This book is an adult novel intended for adult readers only. It is not meant for those under 18.

Title:  Lord of the Abyss Royal House of Shadows Book 4 
Author:  Nalini Singh
Genre:  Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format/Pages:  Kindle/Netgalley
Release Date:  November 29, 2011 (subject to change)

Lord of the Abyss is the fourth and final installment of the Royal House of Shadows series. It focuses on the youngest of the Elden heirs, Micah. When the Blood Sorcerer took over Elden and killed its king and queen, Micah was only five years old. It has been twenty years since that fateful day and not much is known about what has occurred in his life since then. All that is known is that Micah is the Lord of the Abyss and Guardian of the Black Castle. He remembers absolutely nothing of his life in Elden. But Liliana knows who Micah really is and she wants to help him remember so he can get back to Elden in time to save the kingdom. But Micah may well be impenetrable—literally. Liliana must do everything in her power to bring the real Micah out; even it that means doing things she never imagined any man would want to do with her.  

Lord of the Abyss has been, by far, my favorite of the series. I really enjoyed this one, and I was really sad to see it end. I loved Micah, I think because he was sure of what he wanted and he just took it. No one denies the Lord of the Abyss anything. Yes, he was spoiled and demanding, and sometimes you felt like you wanted to punch him for being so stupidly masculine, but I admired his inclination to take what he wanted, yet give equally in return. That made him the most desirable of the male Elden heirs. I really liked Liliana too; she was just the type of woman who could tame the horrifying monster Micah supposedly was. Of the four relationships chronicled in the Royal House of Shadows series, Micah’s and Liliana’s was my favorite.

I have only a couple of complaints about the series as a whole. First of all, I would have liked to know more about the magical timepieces. I thought the timepieces would be more integral to the series, but they were really just mentioned once or twice in each story. I felt like more significance should have been given to them. And my second complaint was in regards to the ending of the series. I wanted more detail as to how the siblings were reunited, and their plan to destroy the Blood Sorcerer. Of course, that may just be my greed coming through, especially since I was very sad to see the story end. I am going to miss the world created by these very talented authors. There seems to be so much left to explore and so much to learn about the various realms and the creatures that inhabit them. I would love to see the series continue, perhaps in later books.

I highly recommend these books to anyone who loves adult romances and the paranormal. I found them to be a fun read and as I’ve said before, my guilty pleasure. I do not recommend them for anyone younger than eighteen; they are a bit too steamy for the young reader.

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