Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday (8)

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This week's question:

"What is your favorite spooky book (i.e. mystery/suspense, thriller, ghost story, etc.)?"

I had to think about this for a couple of minutes. My initial reaction was to say Stephen King's It, but then I realized I could pick just about any Stephen King book. I have read every book he has ever published and they are all spooky in some way. One of my favorites by Mr. King is a book called Bag of Bones, released in 1999. The story is very haunting, yet in a way, beautiful as well. I love this book. It kept me up at night, though. 

I also enjoyed Gerald's Game, but it scared the crap out of me! I was reading it alone in the bedroom when I reached a particularly scary part. I had to put the book down and go sit in the family room with my husband, it spooked me so bad. And the thing is, there were no ghosts or monsters, or creepy clowns. This was very realistic and could literally happen to someone. I think that is why it scared me so badly! Put, this is still one of my favorites, because the psychology of it is so frightening.

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This week's question (it's a tough one):

"If you could have characters from a particular book meet characters from a particular tv show and form an epic storyline, which ones would it be and why?"

This question really made me think! But I think I finally came up with an answer. I think I would like   the characters from Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys to meet up with the characters from That 70's Show. Those McGowan boys need a good dose of Donna to whip them into shape, so maybe they will lay off of Megan a bit. Plus, that combination couldn't be anything but funny!   

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  1. I am a huge fan of Stephen King, and like you I had a hard time picking. Gerald's Game and Dolores Claiborne- I still remember reading both of those and just being blown away by the twisted dark paths of King's mind. I can't wait for his newest book in November, and I'm reading the short story Mile 81 for Readathon!

  2. I haven't read the books or watch the series, but it sure sounds interesting. I'll try to search for the books and tv series, just for fun!


  3. That 70's show was one of my old favs. I so miss it. I haven't read the books but I'll have to check them out.
    Thanks for stopping by Fictitious Musings.
    New follower.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Happy Friday!!
    New Follower

  5. Love Stephen King too. My favorite of his is IT. Never really liked clowns after reading that book.

    Here's my Friday Hop

  6. I have not read a Stephen King book yet, I know I really need to try one soon. Have a great weekend!

  7. Stephen King is always a good choice for scary books! I've only ever read his novella for Secret Window, Secret Garden. It was pretty good! Totally different from the movie though!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  8. heard of his books, read reviews about his book, but have not read his books.
    have a nice weekend.

  9. I loved Bag of Bones too. I get the impression it is one of his least loved books so it's always nice to see that someone else liked it too. I'm afraid I didn't like Gerald's Game at all. I hated the whole premise of it and found it a little dull. I do know what you mean about it being scary though. There were a couple of parts in it that scared the hell out of me despite not really enjoying it.

  10. Gerald's Game is probably the only book I didn't finish because it was TOO Scary! And believe me, I read EVERYTHING. But that book was really creeping me out....It was when I was living alone (well, I had two little kids) and that may have had something to do with it..Good choice!

  11. Hopping through for Feature & Follow Friday.

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  12. Hi! I love your That 70s Show answer, and am enjoying looking around your blog!

  13. Stephen King is a great choice, though he's just too scary for me. (Though my husband owns all of this books.) I read PET SEMATARY as a teenager, and I was traumatized. LOL.

  14. Hi Amie! Thanks for hopping by. I completely agree on Geralds Game! If I had to choose a book that actually scared me, it would definitely have Stephen King's name on the cover.

  15. Stephen King seems to be the the author for today's hop! Thanks for stopping by my blog and now following you too!

  16. Thanks for hopping by. I loved Gerald's Game too. Great Stephen King choices. New follower and grabbing your button as well. Have a great weekend!

  17. You know I have read a couple of King's novels, and though interesting, none of them have ever really gave me a scare.

  18. I didn't even think of That 70's Show!! What a great responce!!

    I love your blog!

  19. That 70's Show! Awesome. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  21. I'm planning to buy lots of Stephen King the next time I visit the Sunday book sale. It's just I haven't read his books and I feel quite left out of the conversation when people talk about him.

    I missed out the word "spooky" in the question. I realized it yesterday and had to change my answer. You can hop back to check it out (that is, if you're not very busy).

    Have a great weekend ahead!
    Kero @ Kero's Book Blog

  22. Hello,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    You have a very interesting answer! I like it!

    Happy Blog Hop!

    Lisa Jo @ Once Upon A Chapter

  23. You certainly can't beat Steven King for page turning!


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