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Lord of the Wolfyn Royal House of Shadows Book 3 by Jessica Anderson

This book is an adult novel intended for adult reading only. It is not meant for those under 18.

Title:  Lord of the Wolfyn Royal House of Shadows Book 3 
Author:  Jessica Anderson
Genre:  Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format/Pages: Kindle
Release Date: October 18, 2011 (subject to change)

Lord of the Wolfyn is the continuing story of the children of Elden and their attempts to get home to save their kingdom from the reign of the Blood Sorcerer.

Dayn, second-born to Nicolai, has spent too long trapped in the wolfyn realm, waiting for the prophesized woman who will help him return to Elden. Reda, has been lost and alone, unsure of herself since her life as a cop was forever changed. Now, she is suddenly catapulted into another world, thanks to a rediscovered book from her childhood. She must face a creature she believed only existed in her book; a creature who seduces women, transforming himself into a passionate, handsome man. A man who claims to be a prince trying to get home and supposedly only Reda can help him. Now, Dayn and Reda must forge an alliance to help Dayn return home. But there are too many forces working against them, not the least of which is their desire for each other.

Jessica Anderson has written a great addition to the Royal House of Shadows series. She continues the fairy tale theme of the previous books in her story as well. Her particular tale is reminiscent of Red Riding Hood, but with a very interesting twist (one I won’t give away in my review). Dayn and Reda are an interesting couple; the chemistry between them is palpable, electric and fascinating. The love story between them develops slowly at first, but really takes off as you near the end of the book. As usual, the romance is steamy and unforgettable.

Not only do I enjoy the romance of these books, I also enjoy the story behind those romances—the quest to return to Elden. The world these four authors have created is complex and interesting, as are the characters.

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