Monday, July 11, 2011

Gravity: A young adult paranormal romance by Abigail Boyd

Gravity is an original story about ghosts and romance from a new, young author, Abigail Boyd.

I really, really wanted to say that I loved this book. It has so much potential. But the English teacher in me is having a hard time getting past the sophomoric writing and lack of editing.  Too many times I stumbled upon blatantly obvious mistakes that could have been corrected with proper editing.  There were times I became confused by sudden changes or jumps in the story. At times I felt as if Ms. Boyd forgot what she had written in her story, leaving me confused and agitated.  I hope that these errors are corrected in future books.  

I did enjoy the original story--ghosts--and Ariel and Theo were refreshing characters. I am hopeful that Ms. Boyd continues writing and working diligently toward bringing a fresh perspective to the young adult genre.

All in all, Gravity is not a bad read. I guess I just expect a lot more from my authors, like proper sentences and editing. No one is perfect, but if you plan on releasing a novel for the public to read, make sure it is ready to be read by those with a scrutinizing eye.  


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