Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Book Lover's Win!

I had a very exciting day on Thursday! Not only did I finally get my air conditioning fixed after 6 days of sweltering, unbearable heat in my house, but I also won a Kindle from a local radio station!  I was sooo excited!

Now, some of you who know me or follow this blog might be saying, "Wait, don't you already have a Kindle?"  Well, yes I do. But, it's one I share with my husband. And as patient as my husband is with my book obsession, he sometimes doesn't get it. He doesn't understand my fascination with the young adult genre, he doesn't understand why sometimes I just can't wait for it to come out in paperback and he doesn't understand how I can read so many books in a month (he has been reading the same book for about 5 weeks--he falls asleep everytime he reads it)! So, he makes that frowny face of his everytime he gets an email that I bought a book for the Kindle and usually gives me a "not again" sigh.  And he would never let me get books on the Kindle that I already own physical copies of, such as my beloved Twilight series.

Well, those days are over!! And I can finally, FINALLY, I say, get the Twilight series and the Mortal Instruments series for my Kindle! Thank you 98.7 The Peak and Chris and Monica in the morning!


  1. Cool! Have fun with your Kindle - I love mine too, and everyday I add more books to my Kindle archive (Amazon makes so many books free almost everyday - I know since I make it my business to find out the free books and share on my blog)

  2. This sound just like my relationship with my husband! He just doesn't understand why I NEED to have Twilight in Hardback, paperback and Audio book!

  3. Woohoo! Enjoy that! I'm with you, I like having audiobooks and print copies of books! I'm not cool enough for an ereader yet...:(
    Found you on Book Blogs and I'm a new follower!


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