Sunday, September 11, 2011

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Title:  Firelight  
Author:  Sophie Jordan
Genre:  Young Adult
Publisher:  HarperCollins
Format/Pages:  Kindle

Jacinda longs to be free—free from the constant scrutiny of the elders, free from the burden of being unique, of being one-of-a-kind and free to finally make her own choices. But being draki, and a rare draki at that, makes freedom nearly impossible. She must hide her true dragon nature and constantly hide from those who would kill her and her kind, those known only as “the hunters.” They can never know about the draki ability to hide in human form, it is her race’s greatest defense. But when Jacinda breaks the rules—again—she pushes the pride and its elders to their breaking point. In order to protect Jacinda from an unbelievably cruel punishment, her mother sneaks her and her twin sister away in the middle of the night. Now, forced to live in the smoldering desert heat, away from the cooling mountain mists, she must try to adapt to being human all the time, while also suffering the withering away of her draki side. But when Will enters her life, gorgeous, elusive Will, Jacinda’s draki side comes to life, nourished and whole. And the more time she spends with him, the stronger her draki side stays. Jacinda is drawn to Will and inexplicably Will is drawn to her. But he has a secret, too. Will is a hunter. And Jacinda is his prey.

I feel like a broken record the last few reviews, but this was an incredibly unique story. In a genre filled with vampires, werewolves and witches (just to name a few), Firelight offers a refreshing twist to the paranormal genre. When I first read what this book was about—descendants of dragons that live as humans—I had my doubts as to how such a story could be pulled off. Well, Sophie Jordan pulled it off fantastically. The world she has created, the world of the draki, is flat-out amazing. Every fiber of my being itches to learn more about the draki:  their lives, their abilities, their past and even their enemies. Jordan’s incredible writing skills make their world come screaming to life. I could not get enough! Jacinda is the perfect heroine, beautiful, intelligent and unaware of how incredible she is, which makes her even more appealing. While her mom and her sister drive me crazy, they are the perfect foils to Jacinda—they want normalcy and a life away from the draki, the opposite of what Jacinda wants.  And move over Edward Cullen and Jace Wayland, you have some serious competition in Will!  To quote my teenage girls—OMG! Will is gorgeous, conflicted and elusive, and he is willing do anything for Jacinda. And quite frankly, I could get lost in those gorgeous eyes of his!

As you have probably guessed, I really loved this book.  I cried, I laughed and I sat spellbound throughout most of this book. I only have two complaints. First, I am dying to know more about the draki and second, I need to know what happens next. Thank goodness I don’t have to wait, seeing as how the sequel came out on September 6th. Vanish, here I come!  

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