Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

Title:  The Way We Fall 
Author:  Megan Crewe
Genre:  Young Adult Thriller
Publisher:  Hyperion
Format/Pages:  NetGalley eBook
Release Date:  1/24/2012 (subject to change)

Kaelyn is trying to change, to be more friendly and outgoing. She wants things to be different this school year. But she never realized how different things would end up being. A virus, one that kills, is spreading across the sleepy little island she lives on. A virus that will change her life and the life of everyone she knows. The government quarantines the island, no one can leave and no one can come home. Food is becoming scarce, as are other supplies.  Kaelyn must survive losing her friends, her family and her life as she knows it. Will things ever get better?

Megan Crewe has crafted a taunt, page-turning thriller in The Way We Fall.  Intelligently written and perfectly executed, it keeps you interested from the very beginning. Crewe takes the story of a deadly virus, in the vain of The Stand by Stephen King, and lets the reader experience it from a teenager’s point of view.  The reader experiences what Kaelyn experiences through her journal pages, written to a childhood friend. We feel her pain, her confusion, her sorrow and every other emotion imaginable. It felt like I was reading a young woman’s heartfelt emotions poured out on paper.  Crewe’s writing is smart and believable; she pulls the reader into the story and the life of her characters.

This was an extremely entertaining book. I always enjoy a well-written thriller, especially one written with such as amazing clarity. Crewe never falters in her writing, crafting a superb story. I will be recommending this book to not only my girls but also my librarian friends, as I believe it would make a great addition to any library.

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