Monday, August 1, 2011

NetGalley July Wrap-Up

This month was NetGalley Month at I kept track of all the books I read from NetGalley. It wasn't as many as I anticipated as I stumbled across Melissa Marr's wonderful Fey series. But I did manage to read a few!  Here they are, in no particular order!

If you are curious about any of the books, use the archives to the left to check out my reviews of each book!


  1. I have ASHES on my ereader/tablet now. I got another from NG 2day that is an automatic approval read about a vampire (no surprise there huh? lolz)I forgot the title..argh..I also signed up for Simon & Schusters galley program too. Hopefully I get the emailed letter w/galley links soon :)
    new follower & grabbed ur button too..
    Thanx for the follow :)

  2. BLOOD by KJ WIGNALL (the vamp book, it seems pretty ok so far)

    R on my NG list of TBR's..


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