Saturday, November 19, 2011

Twilight The Graphic Novel Volume 2

Title:  Twilight The Graphic Novel Volume 2
Author:  Stephenie Meyer, Art and Adaption by Young Kim
Publisher:  Yen Press
Genre:  Young Adult Graphic Novel
Edition:  Hardcover

Now that Bella knows exactly what Edward is--a vampire--she must reconcile that fact with the love she feels for him. While Edward is concerned about the constant danger he is to her, a greater danger lurks in the woods of Forks. A danger that Bella may not be able to escape.

Twilight The Graphic Novel Volume 2 is a beautiful addition to the Twilight family. Just like its predecessor, Volume 1, it takes the love story between vampire Edward and mortal Bella to a new level for fans of the books. I strongly believe it is truly meant to be an addition to anyone's Twilight collection, rather than a stand-alone book.

Normally, I am not a graphic novel/manga fan. I have nothing against the genre, it has just never been something that appealed to me. I bought the first novel merely because I saw it as a re-imagining of the original book and I'm a sucker for Twilight memorabilia. I wanted to put it on my shelf and look at its pretty cover. As a matter of fact, I had it for quite awhile before I even read it. But once I cracked it open and read it, I was very pleased. I felt like Young Kim stepped into my head and saw the characters and their surroundings like I saw them in my head. My favorite lines of dialogue were there as well. Volume 2 has done exactly the same thing for me. Kim's artwork is amazing and beautiful, and those one-liners I memorized in the book are still there. My only complaint with Volume 2 is how little color there is. While this is the case in the first book as well, I felt like there were several places in the book where a splash of color would have added to the beauty of the art. There is a lot of color added near the end, I just wanted to see it sooner. Other than that small detail, I wouldn't change a thing. Edward is gorgeous, Bella is stunning and the Cullens look amazing. Absolutely breathtaking!

I do NOT see these graphic novels as a replacement for my beloved book, but instead something I can turn to when I want a quick "refresher." And the covers do look pretty on my bookshelf alongside my other books. As a matter of fact, I am hopeful that Young Kim will add to the graphic novel collection by completing the other novels in the Saga.

My grade for Twilight The Graphic Novel Volume 2:

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