Friday, November 18, 2011

Follow Friday (13)

Didn't get this posted yesterday, because I was at Breaking Dawn!!!  My daughters and I had a great time, we got into an earlier showing, but I was exhausted when I got home. I am going back to see it again today and taking my mom! 

Anyway, Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Rachel at Parajunkee’sView and Alison at AlisonCan Read. It is great way for bloggers to make new friends and find new blogs to follow. Go to either blog, follow ALL the instructions and then add your link to the list. It's just that easy!

This week's question:

"Letter to Santa:  Tell Santa what books you want for Christmas."

I would like:

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz
Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

That's all I can think of right now.

On another note:  HAPPY 100TH POST TO ME!! I am very happy to have reached what, for me, is a milestone. I never thought I would keep up with this blog and I certainly didn't think it would become what it has! Thank you to all my wonderful followers for being nice enough to read what I write! You guys really are the best!

Please leave your link in the comments section and I will stop by your blog!


  1. Yay!! Happy 100th post!

    Bloodlines was really good! Really liked being in Sydney's pov!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I'm dying to get my hands on Clockwork Prince!! It can not be December soon enough!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  3. Happy 100th post!!! Its always exciting when you achieve those milestones :D

    Hopping by

    Kylie @ The Talking Teacup

  4. Awesome List. Happy 100th Post. =] New Follower.
    Here is My Follow Friday

  5. whee!! i don't know how many posts I've done! congrats!

    Will you stop by my blog?! I'm hosting a cover craze post :)

  6. I haven't read any of those books yet. I've heard great things about Clockwork and Bloodlines! Hope you get them!

  7. I've seen so many wishlists with the Clockwork Prince on it. I'm beginning to think that I'm missing out on a great series!

    p.s. Happy 100th post. I'm your 250th follower. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Congrats on your 100th post!

    I didn't enjoy Bloodlines as much as I had hoped (I was expecting it to be too much like VA I think). I'm super pumped for Clockwork Prince though!! (Who isn't??)

    New GFC Follower :)

    Follow Me Friday @ Radiant Shadows

  9. o0o0o I really want Bloodlines too! I've always been seeing it and have always been passing up on it. I might have to add that to my Christmas list too lol And I am eager and looking forward to Clockwork Prince =)
    Thanks for visiting my page!!

    New Follower: SpadesHighReads
    #FollowFriday Post

  10. Clockwork Prince is a popular response. Hope Santa comes through. New follower...thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. I really want Bloodlines too but I'm a bit scared of all these negative reviews :S

    Xpresso Reads

  12. Your blog looks awesome! I'm a new follower.
    Make sure to follow my blog and check out my awesome giveaway :)

  13. I'm hanging out for Clockwork Prince, here's mine

  14. Happy 100th post! Huge milestone :D

    Good picks! I totally hope you get some sexy BDB manpire in your stocking this year :D

    xx New follower :)

  15. Happy 100th post! That's an awesome achievement! I can't wait to read Bloodlines and Clockwork Prince too!

    I’m a new follower :)

  16. thanks for the follow
    have a great weekend

  17. I really want to read Clockwork Prince :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. Thanks for my FF comment! I have heard bloodlines is amazing.


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