Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday #33

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This week's question:

"What is one thing you wish you could tell your favorite author?"

I have more than one favorite author, so I have multiple answers.

I would love to tell Stephen King how his books helped me open a dialogue with my husband, who at that time was just "that grouchy guy I worked with" but soon became my best friend, then my boyfriend and has now been my husband for 18 years. Our mutual love of King's books gave us something to talk about, which led to other topics of conversation and eventually love. Corny, I know, but true.

Though I'm sure she has heard it about a million times, I would like to tell Stephenie Meyer how her books helped bring me closer to my daughter, Ariana, and gave us a mutual obsession to enjoy!

And finally, I would love Cassandra Clare to know that her books, both the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices, have given my daughter Tiana and I something to look forward to--a new book in two different series roughly every 6 months. And that we absolutely love her books! We get all "little girl squeaky" just thinking about the next book in either series.

How about you? What would you like to tell your favorite author? Leave a comment and/or a link to your blog in the comment section and I will check it out. If you would like to follow me, I would love to follow you back.

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  1. I also chose Cassandra Clare, I love all of her book also!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Old Follower!!!!

  2. Aw. Always nice when books can help grow a relationship :)

  3. I find it incredibly romantic that you bonded with your husband over Stephen King.

    Thanks for following! I followed back.

    Abbey Ann

  4. Old follower...I seriously need to read those darn Cassandra Clare books! Jeesh! Thanks for stopping by!
    Our FF stop!

  5. OOOOOh I love your answers! I love how each book brought you closer to your family that is awesome :) Old follower

    Happy reading!!!

  6. Love your answers! It's so sweet that Stephen King brought you two together.

    Following you now!

    My FF

  7. Hopping through. I love Cassie's books. I still need to read TID though.
    My Hop

  8. It's cool to hear that King's books inspired love instead of terror :)

    GFC follower. My FF.

  9. OMG i love that books have brought about your family and that it has brought you closer to your daughters!! Thats the magic of reading right there in real life. You're answer just makes my heart melt lol. See in my answer i said this question was going to bring out mushy stories!!

    Following Back =D

    -Becky @ Book Bite Reviews

  10. Cute answers! I love that reading has brought your family close together. That is a precious and wonderful thing!

    Old follower, hoppin through.

    Jennifer @ A Librarian's Library--My FF!

  11. OMG What a great answer!! You kinda made me tear up... reading is just so magical and powerful! Power to the dorks! :P I'm a new follower. Feel free to check out my blog and follow too!

    My FF Post

    -Riya (The Teen Book Guru)

  12. Great answers. I love that books can carry with them such great memories. : )

    Thanks for stopping by The Daily Bookmark! I'm following you back and look forward to your reviews!
    Jessie Marie

  13. OOoh nice picks! And good reasons too!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  14. thanks for stopping by! Following back!

  15. I love how you use reading to bond with your daughters! Mine are a bit young for us to enjoy the same books (6 and 3), but I really look forward to those middle/high school years when they can just pick a book off of my (hopefully well-stocked) bookshelf, and I can say "I read that." And then we can talk about it.

    Old follower :-)

    Thanks for commenting on my FF!

  16. I'm an English teacher and I love hearing about moms and dads connecting with their kids through books!

    I am a new follower. My FF

  17. My teenage cousin and I take time out every day to talk about the books we're reading, even when they're different titles. I love it when reading brings people closer together!

    New GFC follower.

    Our FF

  18. Thanks! for sharing your answers.

  19. What wonderful stories! Books can be so powerful in so many ways! My kids are preschool age right now, but their fav place to go already is Barnes and Noble and the library! Hopefully it will continue!

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    Lindsay @ The Literary Darling

  20. I love the fact that you and your husband are together because of Stephen King. How awesome would it be to tell him that :D I think I would be very honoured to hear something like that as an author.

  21. Hi! New Linky Follower hopping through...

    Aww, that's so sweet--I'm glad that S. Meyer's helped you and your daughter become closer.

    Here's my Follow Friday :)

  22. It is amazing how your family shares your love for books! Like.. seriously amazing!

    Patricia // My Hop

  23. {if i'm commenting i'm a follower}

    I can't read Stephen King - his movies weird-ed me out I could never work my way through anything he wrote because the imagery in words is way worse the the imagery displayed in a movie. Thank you so much for sharing.


  24. New GFC follower.

    I've already met Cassandra.. and I think I just rambled on about Will, LOL

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  25. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry for the late reply, life gets in the way sometimes.
    Anyway, I'm just an old follower checking in! Have a great weekend!
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